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Kids Hoodies

Kids love wearing the popular trends in fashion today. One of the most popular trends includes hoodies. These tops are usually worn as outerwear in place of jackets and coats. They commonly boast designs featuring local bands, and favorite television shows. However, Hoodie is a very practical and comfortable piece of clothing. It is available in a number of styles from pullover to zippered front. You may also choose from a crew neckline or the V-neckline.

It is also made in a standard weight or heavyweight fabric for particularly cold days. Sizing for sweatshirts and hoodies is easy once you have the correct measurements. Make sure to have your child stand still for a measuring session before go for it.

We are manufacturing various kinds hoodies and are available in a wide range of colors, but almost all of them are made from some blend of cotton, polyester, or nylon.


We manufactures an endless variety of styles, some of them are follow as
Crew neck hoodies, V neck hoodies, stand collar hoodies, short sleeve hoodies, Sleeveless hoodies, zipped hoodies


Solid, Textured, Patterned,


Regular fit , slim fit


SIZES : 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Cotton, wool, Cashmere, synthetics


Quality : 100 % Organic Cotton / 100 % Cotton Cotton, wool, Cashmere, synthetics


Superior finishes / Skin friendly / Colour fastness/ Shrink resistant / Tear & Fade resistant/ durable stitching/ Anti pilling/ Soft hand feel.